November 08, 2005

Ye gods! Why am I blogging?

I have had 100 hits on my site in the last one week and it seems like the right time to contemplate on the purpose of this blog. Right from the day, I started blogging, which is over two weeks now, I have received compliments and criticisms alike.

Funnily, many of my readers have advised me to make my blog lively by posting exotic (Porn??) and rare pictures. The comment was actually on the Delhi blasts photos that I had posted. "I don't like your blog. It is sooooo tragic. Why do you post photos of tragic events on your blog. Replace it with some pleasant photos," was one comment.

Another friend of mine felt that the blog was too `newsy'. According to her, dailies dish out enough news for the public to drown in and posting the same on my blog did not make sense to her. "Make your blog innovative by posting pictures of scenic places in Chennai that no one has seen," was the comment. This time around, it was my turn to be zapped ! Honey, If no has seen these places, then they probably don't exist.

Seriously guys my blog does not have a specific purpose. I am not trying to make my blog look `different' or `sexy'. For me blogging is therapeutic. I started my blog on the advice of a friend and to my suprise I have really enjoyed writing about my thoughts and observations.

And, I honestly can't help it if my posts contain news updates. Hey, at the end of the day I am a journalist and news is in my blood. How can I ignore major news items like the tragic Delhi blasts in which scores of lives were lost? It is not in me to turn my back on tragedies in the hope that I will never ever be a victim of such mass murders.

A final disclaimer: This blog like the title suggests was started because I have loads of time and a lot of thoughts to share with whoever is unlucky enough to read this blog. I am not and I will not use website `fundas' to attract an audience. Period.


Blogger Imran said...

Blog is something personal and one should write whatever one feels. Your posts are interesting keep it up.

6:01 AM PST  

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