November 11, 2005

Relax! Its ok to read blogs at workplace

Do you spend hours at your office surfing blogs? If you do, please dont feel guilty. You have company. A report by the leading advertising magazine Advertising Age reveals that 1 in 4 people in the US labour force (35 million wokers approx) spend an average of 3.5 hours a week reading blogs at the workplace. Employees take a 40 minute break from their work daily to read blogs. Hey, after reading this I was jumping in front of my computer. I spend more than an hour reading blogs on the job and I was feeling so guilty about it. :)

Wait! There is more. The online version of the Ad Age magazine ran a poll on "whether employees should be allowed to read non-work related blog on the job". According to the poll, 85% of the voters were in favour of employees' reading blogs on their employer's time.

But I guess this was not the response the magazine expected and now they are claiming that hijacked the poll. The report says that before the weekly poll was to close, had this warning on its site, "A Disaster Awaits at". The warning basically urged people to vote in favour of blog reading.

The vote tally was apparently 58% against employees reading blogs but after the Gawker post the tally was 85% in favour of blog reading by employees. Well whatever be the whys and wherefores, I am just thrilled that `ITS OK TO READ BLOGS ON THE JOB'.


Blogger Imran said...

Yes i agree and it is even more cool to write blogs on the job. :)

1:52 AM PST  
Blogger Imran said...

Missing your interesting blogs. Please do update.

11:28 PM PST  

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