November 17, 2005

Open graves in Anna Nagar

Large pits can be found everywhere in Anna Nagar these days. The pits have been dug up to clean the clogged storm water drains which took a beating during the recent rains.

A few of the pits are large enough for an elephant to sleep in it. All the main roads in Anna Nagar including the Chintamani stretch and Shanti Colony road have been dug up. Driving in Anna Nagar has suddenly become very risky. The problem is compunded by the sand that is heaped on the open ditches, making it really hazardous for commuters especially two wheeler riders. Two wheeler riders beware !

Funnily, whenever I look at the pits, I am reminded of open graves.


Blogger Imran said...

It can be due to the effect that rain itself couldnt created the pits so they dug it themselves.:)

4:34 AM PST  
Blogger Imran said...

Hey when will you update your blog.

3:25 AM PST  

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