November 23, 2005

Like Italian food? Read this post.

Last week, I had a date with my best chum at the `Little italian' restaurant in Nungambakkam. We were just going to enter the place when my friend informed me that this was a purely vegetarian restaurant. I was in a mood for non-veg food, so we moved to `Bella Ciao', another Italian restaurant down the road.

And since that day, I often dream of Italian food. `Bella Ciao' is food at its best. We ordered pasta with tomato sauce and barbecued chicken pizza. What can I say. The food was so divine I am absolutely in love with it. For the first time, I tasted authentic Italian pizzas. The crust of the pizza was so crisp it reminded me of our very own papad. The way to eat it my friend explained was to dip the crust in a mixture of olive oil, tomato sauce and tobasco sauce. The pizza was sooo delicious. Next came the pasta which unfortunately I could'nt do justice too after the yummy pizzas. The pasta at `Bella Ciao' made me realise that most restaurants dish out the ready to eat pastas as Italian food.

One more thing in favor of the resto is the pricing. The pizza which was a meal for 2 people costs us just around Rs 200. Pretty cheap I would say compared to the very expensive pizzas you get at Pizza joints and the taste was definitely far better. The ambience of the place was sexy too. It was low lit and the seating was pretty comfy.


Blogger Imran said...

your blog made me hungry.

8:18 AM PST  
Blogger Imran said...

I like pizza.

2:16 AM PST  

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