November 22, 2005

Is Chennai a world class city?

As a reporter covering the Information Technology beat, almost everyday, I hear industry and government representatives boasting about how Chennai has all the infrastructure in place to house the mighty MNC's of the world.

After listening to numerous speeches on the subject, I was almost convinced that Chennai does have the infrastructure to lure global corporations. Today after watching corporation workers manually drain rain water from the roads, I am no longer convinced.

Chennai compared to cities like Bangalore does boast of better infrastructure but we are still can't stake claim to being a world class city. In the last one month, rains have severely damaged the prominent roads in the city creating numerous potholes. Riding a two wheeler in Chennai is a complete nightmare.

Of course, every city is susceptible to nature's fury and very little can be done about the roads except repair them later. But what irks me is the fact that most metros in India including the biz capital Mumbai and Chennai do not have a proper storm water drainage system in place. We still contiue to have the storm water drains constructed years ago by the British Raj. Why can't the governments come up with an effective plan to reconstruct the old storm water drains ?

Even in places that have new storm water drains, water logging still exists because of people's tendency to dump garbage in the drains. No wonder, Chennai has so much water logging on the roads! Most of us dont have any civic sense but we are very quick in criticising the government for being inactive. The problem of flooding and water logging is not something that can be solved by speedy government action. It is a combinations of so many factors, most of which relate to basic infrastructure issues.

If the government wants to project Chennai as a world class city, certain basic infrastructure issues have to be dealt with. Brushing them under the carpet is not going to help.


Blogger Imran said...

Chennai as a world class city. Thats a nice thought. Especially since its idlis are world famous.

1:35 AM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thats really a nice thought

9:01 AM PST  

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