November 23, 2005

I am feeling grey

I am in a grey mood. The overcast skies outside are grey and so is my mood. I feel lazy and am sick of hearing people around me complain of fever. Wish the sun would take a sneak peak from beneath the grey clouds and shower us with its warm light.


Blogger Imran said...

Your blog reminds me of a line of the song by Bryan Adams- On a Day Like Today.
You never wanna see the sun go down. :-)

1:38 AM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am actually feeling grey; it's a lower abdomen/pallid cheek sort of thing. Pourquoi? At 54 anything is gloomy!Swine flu threatens, the country is in debt, overburdened with petty law and politically correct to an extreme where some may disrupt the quiet pleasures of others with impunity. Our prisons are bursting, and people buy the lowest common denominator, including that of wine, the business I am in. It is, however a beautiful day in a handsome city, Edinburgh.

12:46 AM PDT  

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