November 06, 2005

Hell of a journey!

Phew! The bike ride today between my office and my house will go down in my memory lane as one of the riskiest journeys I have ever undertaken. It had been raining incessantly from morning and I was enjoying the rains till the time came for me to report to office.

The ride to the office was tough, visibility was very poor and the rains were piercing my body like sharp needles. I reached office thouroughly drenched and before my clothes could dry it was time for me to leave. It had been raining heavily for hours together and when I left office, I could barely see the roads which were submerged in rain water.

Right from my office in Royapettah till Anna Nagar, there was knee deep water on the roads. It was a very treacherous drive home with the rain cruelly stinging my face and with the knee deep water which gushed up each time I accelerated my bike. In a nutsehll, it was like driving in the middle of the sea.

A saving grace was the fact that it was a Sunday and the traffic was minimal. And of course, my faithful scooty did not let me down by stopping mid-way. Thank God, I somehow managed to reach home safely. In fact, there were moments when I thought that I wouldn't make it.

Rains have disrupted normal life in Chennai in so many ways. An attendant I spoke to in the petrol pump station told me that he has been living in the station for the past three days. I wonder how many more people have not gone home because of the rains.

PS: There is prediction of heavy rains and gale winds in Chennai and the rest of Tamil Nadu over the next 48 hours.


Blogger Imran said...

It surely would have been a thrill ride. Rain is fun only when you are safe in your home.

10:24 AM PST  

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