November 02, 2005

Are you listening Mr Minister ?

I am fed up with the antics of a certain Union Minister (name withhold on purpose). Mr Minister, loves to meet the press junta in Chennai to tom tom his achievements as much as his ego permits.

Of late, Mr Minister has got into the habit of holding press conferences on the outskirts of Chennai, particularly on weekends (esp Sundays) and public holidays. Logic is obvious. Our dear Minister loves to spend time with his family in Chennai on weekends and holidays and since air travel is expensive, Mr Minister has come up with an interesting solution.

The politician arranges his meetings in such a way that it happens on a Sunday or on a holiday which ensures that the event sponsors pay for his trip. According to the grapevine, he is apparently paid around Rs 30 lakhs for an event. Isse kehte hain Sone pe Suhaga!

While this may be a common practise among politicians, what irks me the most about this Minister is his attitude towards the press. Mr Minister believes that the press will follow him wherever he goes like the `Hutch network'. He is so confident about media coverage that he calls them ahead of time and makes then wait for hours together for a piece of news which deserves just 10 cms of news space.

In fact, the Minister often holds meetings with the company in question or delegates for an indefinite period of time while the press is waiting for him to arrive. No one including the Minister's PRO have any clue about when the meeting would begin and the media is forced to wait endlessly. Recently, at a press conference after arriving two hours late, Mr Minister coolly declared to the press that he had no news to share with them. If there was no news to share, why did you arrange for the press conference, Mr Minister??


Blogger Imran said...

Ha ha ha that was really an interesting blog and I have guessed who the minister is. Definitely a cool blog. :-)

10:19 PM PST  
Blogger Anil said...

Very well said! I dont have a clue about the minister in consideration but can safely say thats its the general callous attitude of the ministers all around and there are hardly any exceptions to that today. I hope things do change for better, sooner rather than later

5:58 AM PST  
Anonymous sameer said...

well, i m not in touch with indian politics much at the moment, at least not with local politics.i dont think i can make a guess about this guy.probably i need to ask my chennai based friend.

6:29 PM PST  

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